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Practice Makes Perfect

If your child is struggling with basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), please take the time to practice with them. The multiplication facts are the building blocks for 5th grade math skills and were to be mastered prior to starting 5th grade. It is important that they can answer them quickly in order to complete the multistep problems we are doing in class. Flash cards are a great tool and inexpensive.


Studies have proven that reading with your child, even if it is just a few minutes a day, will greatly improve not only their reading skills but also their vocabulary. Reading will also give you the opportunity to spend time together. When you model that reading is important to you it goes a long way with your student. Your child should be reading 20 minutes every day at home. If you need ideas to help your child, please ask.


Allow students to review skills by playing games online.  The links on this websites offer many educational websites that can help your child learn.  Please supervise your children anytime that they are on the internet!

Fun ideas to help your student at home…

  • Make Something - Have your student plan and cook a meal. 
  • Plan a Trip – Have your student look at maps and plan the best route, calculate distances, and driving time. 
  • Discussion –Talk to your child about current issues in the local and national news.
  • Black Out – Have a planned time where all TVs, video games, and computers are turned off. The whole family can play board games and/or read together or individually.
  • Educational TV Night – Plan to watch an educational TV program together and discuss it. (National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery, History,Weather Channel)
  • Basic Mental Math Facts – Drill students on basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Use Flash cards, placemats, and songs.   
  • Books on tape/CD – Listen to books on tape in the car. Old radio shows are fun too! These can be borrowed from the public library.


Magazines for Kids

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